sunnuntai 5. lokakuuta 2014

We needed a test case form in a school case because we don't have any testing program. I designed this test case form quickly. This can be used in software testing.

UsecaseUC01UserSoda buyer
PreconditionUser has found vending machinePost-conditionCoca-cola achieved
Automatedyes/noTest case statusReady
Test designernameDate15.9.2014
Test namenameTest ID
PriorityHigh / middle / lowTester namename
ApplicationFor example java classTest case statusnot completed
General description what will be tested. In this example test case user buys coca-cola from vending machine.
Job phaseDescriptionExpected outcomeTest report
1Walk to soda machineSoda machine foundOK/Fail/not completed
2Insert money to vending machineMoney inserted and vending machine accepted moneyOK
3Select product and press buttonCoca-cola falls to slotFail
jneGrab coca-colaCoca-cola achievecNot completed
Job phase3
Coca-cola didn't drop to slot
I smashed the whole wending machine
Noticed byname
Tester namename

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