torstai 7. toukokuuta 2015

Setting up DNS on Namecheap: host records

Here is a picture how to setup host records properly on Namecheap.

Host Name: @ & www should be A record type and point to your server IP address. TTL can be keept at default value. This means anyone can now connect to my domain with www. or without. Subdomain is added like "ida" and then ip of my server and record type A. www.ida subdomain is set with CNAME. On the server side, virtualhost file forwards the requests for the user.

perjantai 3. huhtikuuta 2015


I wanted to have Quality Center like QA program that runs under LAMP stack. Finally I found the solution which is called TestLink:

TestLink is open source test management system. It only requires LAMP + htaccess allow override. It is also easy to install.

<VirtualHost *:8080>

        ServerAdmin NAME
        ServerName testlink.servername.domain
        DocumentRoot /home/username/public_html/testlink/

        <Directory /home/username/public_html/testlink/>
                Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
                AllowOverride All
                #Require all granted
                Order allow,deny
                Allow from all